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Frames / Uprights

A Double Post Increases the Capacity and transfers the axial load to the second post if the front post is damaged

Heavy Duty Lower Braces transfer frontal impact energy to the back post of the end frame

Frame 1
Frame 2

This Angle deflects the lift truck forks or Pallets Away From the End frame. Available With or Without Cap. The Benefit of the Cap is to stop Debris from Accumulating in the Deflector

With this design a structural C-channel is inserted inside the column and welded in place (usually to the first beam level) This increases the impact resistance of the column, as the energy from an impact is transferred to the structural column

Angles the front aisle post away from the aisle to prevent accidental damage from pallet entry on the lower level.

The Front aisle post is recesses to allow greater aisle clearance for fork lift truck turning and pallet entry

frame 3

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